We have an excellent assortment of teachers that we employ on a part-time basis.

Nina Barbuto, Director

Nina’s passion for art, new media and social learning led her to found Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, in 2011. On her own, Nina works in a variety of media including architecture, film, sound, and installation and often explores the idea of recycling noise into a system or elevating the vernacular to the spectacular. Nina co-founded I Made It! Market in 2007. An idea based on urban acupuncture, this nomadic market partners with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist in improving their communities while allowing local artists and crafters to sell their wares. Nina holds degrees in architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Carnegie Mellon University, where she is also adjunct faculty. Contact: nina (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Jess Gold, Platform Program Manager

Jess Gold is a creative educator from Pittsburgh, PA. She believes deeply in the power of art, digital media, and creativity as tools of education, empowerment, and community-building, and she centers these things in her work with youth. Jess has taught, coordinated, and planned youth arts and digital media programs with Assemble, Literary Arts Boom [The LAB], the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, Digital Corps, and others. Contact: jess (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Hannah Sauder, Place Operations Manager

Hannah is a maker and photographer who appreciates storytelling through art. They graduated from Goshen College with B.A. in communication with minors in graphic design and international studies.

Contact: hannah (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Assemble Teachers

Adeshewa Metzger

Adeshewa Metzger loves teaching science. Before moving to Pittsburgh, she worked at the Michigan Science Center. She is a graduate from Central Michigan University with a major in Business Management and minors in both General Science and Art.

Contact: adeshewa (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Brittney Aston

Brittney Aston is a spoken word poet and hip-hop artist who believes in the STEAM educational approach. She strives to empower youth by concentrating and spotlighting their own creativity and expression. Brittney holds experience with teaching youth and adults environmental education as well as outdoor recreation instruction.
Brittney graduated from Edinboro University with a B.A. in criminal justice and minor in political science.

Contact: brittney (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Darnell Chambers

Darnell “Airborne Sun” Chambers is a visual artist, teacher, and florist from San Diego, CA. Committed to social justice and serving the unmet needs in the community, Darnell gains inspiration from artists like Teenie Harris, whose work documents the black experience. His goals as a professional artist are to open up dialogue and raise awareness of African American cultural identity through art, promote the importance of ones fundamental accountability to one’s community; as well as oneself by leading by example.

Contact: darnell (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Hannah Gaskill

Hannah Gaskill graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. She is a multi-media artist and story teller who is interested in ephemera, nostalgia, failure, and interpersonal relationships. Sine graduating, Hannah has been spending her time teaching at different institutions throughout the city of Pittsburgh, notably Assemble, the Mattress Factory Museum, the Propel Schools, and Carnegie Mellon University. 

Contact: hannahg (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Jayla Patton

Jayla Patton is a Teaching Artist and Arts Educator living in the city Pittsburgh. She enjoys creating comics and illustrations using traditional mediums and digital ones such as Photohshop. She is also an animator, and wishes she had more hours in the day to sleep. While she’s not making art, she’s teaching in a different section of the city almost every day of the week.

Contact: jayla (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Paul Peng

Paul Peng is a drawer, comics artist, and printmaker from Allentown, PA. As an artist, Paul is interested in how today’s internet cultures extend into the physical world and transform our beliefs on what our bodies should and shouldn’t be, specifically through the lens of cartoon stylization. As a teaching apprentice, he believes in open-ended curriculums and learning-by-doing, allowing students to feel out and achieve their own educational needs through the resources Assemble provides.
Paul moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 to study art and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and has happily called the city home ever since. He has also helped teach for the Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science at CMU.

Contact: paul (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Rebecca Jacobson

Rebecca Jacobson is a musician, theatre artist, and visual artist from Cleveland, OH. She moved to Pittsburgh to study Theatre Arts at Pitt. Rebecca is interested in fusing  digital technologies with art in order to create meaningful, communicative relationships with ourselves, our communities, and the world around us.
Above all, Rebecca loves working with kids and teens is currently a mentor at the Labs, the Carnegie Library’s creative technologies resource for teens. She has also taught at Action Housing, the Mattress Factory, Girls Rock! Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, MGR Arts in Action, and the Schenley Heights Community Development Program.

Contact: rebecca (at) assemblepgh (dot) org

Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson is a practicing artist and educator. Her teaching practice is informed by a strong background in social justice and activism. She believes that fostering supportive, collaborative creative learning environments is vital to the health of all communities.

Shannon has a Masters of Education in Community Engagement from Merrimack College.

Contact: shannon (at) assemblepgh (dot) org