Saturdays from June 23 – August 18, from 1-3pm 

Looking for something for your summer Saturday afternoons? M3 (Materials, Media, and Me) is Assemble’s summertime Saturday program, running from 1pm-3pm. It’s a free workshop for kids ages 5-10 to get to know the material world around them!

June 23: Nature // RSVP here!

Do you have a green thumb? Want to create a miniature living world? Join local environmental specialist and gardener Omoye Aikhuele for a terrarium-making workshop! Learn about Omoye’s work, get messy as you experiment with natural materials, and create your own little ecosystems in a jar!

June 30: Sound // RSVP here!

Can you feel the beat? Have you ever wanted to create a visual representation of sound? Join our guest artist Santiago for a day of music theory, sound experimentation, and beat making fun.

July 7: Electricity // RSVP Here!

If you’re a young tinkerer or have a knack for hacking, come explore circuits and electricity through a simple LED project! Our friends from Hack Pittsburgh will show us how electricity flows and a few of the many ways we can use it. See some of Hack Pittsburgh’s exciting circuitry projects, play around with bread boards, and make your very own color changing, light-up wearable!

HackPGH is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that allows members of the community to come together and share skills and tools to pursue creative projects.

July 14: Cardboard // RSVP Here!

Become a cardboard architect at this week’s M3 workshop! Join Guest Expert Samantha Weaver of the Architecture Learning Network as she shows us how to to design, prototype, and build the structures of our wildest dreams. Learn about cardboard as you bend it, break it, fasten it, and fashion it into a magical feat of environmentally-friendly engineering!

July 21: Water // RSVP here!

Learn all about how you can use water to make art! We will use a variety of repurposed materials, paints, and water to create a unique project.

July 28: Light // RSVP here!

Our future is bright! But do you know how light moves, bends, and even causes chemical reactions? This week, kids will learn about the science of light as they work with local artist Jeffrey Krsul to make cyanotypes, or sunlight art prints.

August 4: Bodies + Movement // RSVP here!

Bodies can be some of the most magical tools for making! How do you move and groove to express yourself? How do all of the muscles and bones in your body work together to make that movement happen? This week, our bodies and movement are all the materials we need to make something beautiful!

August 11: Code // RSVP here!

You don’t need to wait until you grow up to be a coder or computer programmer! Join us as Guest Expert Shimira Williams shares her coding skills and works with us to program a special project. With Shimira’s guidance, kids will build their own mazes and program a robot to travel through it!

August 18: Plastic

August 25: Community Open House

Materials, Media, and Me (M3) uses an educational approach known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). STEAM-based learning explores the similar ways that scientists, makers and artists approach projects. At M3, students learn through experience as local experts guide them through the design process. Each week, a different artist or technologist will introduce a material, show students how they use the material, and lead them through a project. 

M3 classes highlight light, paper, fabric, electronics, recycled materials, cardboard,  light and code. Students will explore the properties of the materials with the instructors – How does it bend? How can you attach it to another material? What can I make with this? – before planning their own project. At the end of the class, students will have a take-home creation to share with the group.


This program is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.